It's a wonder.. people can make you smile for the rest of the day at every small little things with just some simple words. =) Thank you. Veli veli muchy.

Actually I've wanted to blog bout'... well, okay.. here goes.. I've got my DSLR babe! D-S-L-R! I don't know since when I get so excited over a camera but now I think I've found a new love for photography~ Wheeeee~ And yea, I've got a new dream. I'm gonna go round the whole world, at least every major city, places on this planet with this babe DSLR of mine before I'm sitting on the wheelchair. Gonna climb every mountain~ swim every sea~ HAHAHA. Sounds very typical of everybody's dream but it's somethin' great enough to mention right? Just a dream anyway. =P
Oh by the way, I've got it last week. I think Tuesday. And yea.. I initially wanted to blog but then I felt lazy and then.. and then.. You got it. xO

Semester break starts from this week till next January where we'll have our Exams straight on the 10th. Yeap. Startin' on the 10th till the 27th, and then it's Chinese New Year celebrations! I can't believe time flies so, so fast. "要是我能把时间停着"~ =X
What happens after that? It's the final semester then. Sigh~ Somehow it turns out that I'm gonna miss MCKL after all, and it's funny to think that I've disliked this place initially. =P I guess we'll forget what people say or do, but not how they make us feel huh. Yala, of course it's the people in MCKL. (=.=)

Going to Sabah this Saturday! Finally I'm goin' to that part of Malaysia! Gonna snap lots and lots of pics there. Looking forward to observing the sunrise and sunset too~ And also the mountains. =) Dad's friend said it's awesome! Oh by the way, speaking of mountains, dad just asked his friend(a very outgoing and active friend) about a mountain hiking trip to I-don't-know-which-or-what mountain, but of course it's in Malaysia, anybody interested? I really wanna try this out! xP I'm not sure when but I hope it's after the Exams. Perfecto*! x)

Will blog some more and some more. See ya! Will be back sooooon~*

p.s. The DSLR was not bought. It's a gift ya! x)

Live, laugh, love,