Life is like a box of chocolate huh

Yay! Finished covering Biology! I'm gonna reward myself freedom tonight with
all the free hours ahead so I'll just blog away! Wheeeee~* ;)
Simply put, January's the big month, 2nd sem exam, I'm freakin' nervous cause
I really wanna do good in this one and really really don't wanna disappoint people around me
and well ultimately myself. Gonna get back that 50% scholarship straight from Mr. Micheal's
face. (some office guy that I think someday deserve fallin' off his chair
while drinkin' his morning coffee) *BlekK* =P

By the way, I'm home alone today~ The others left for Johor since this morn'
to visit grandma. I wanted to follow but I just can't afford to not follow my study schedule,
sigh~ How sad. I really wanna see her though~ But one day's visit is not a worthy trade?
Particularly she's the only old generation left in my family~ So I don't know if I've did the right
thing. (=___=)

Hohoho.. nevermind that. Anyway it's the thought that counts huh~ I miss her I miss her
and I miss her kay~ =D
Sis just asked if I want a Burger King (There's one on the way back to KL from Johor,
and we always have one meal there. It's like tradition. Haha.)
and I can't believe I agreed when their gonna reach home at 12.00 tonite. =.=

I guess I'm gaining extra grams but it's worth it if there's company! xP

Harharhar.. Life's great and a year's gone so soon! I still remember last year around this
time when we just came back from China. Oh man.. I'm gonna miss my college mates when
we part next year! Even with all those up and down times together, haha. Tell you guyz what,
Our 'gang' consist of six GUYS but we still mess up each other over girly matters. And nobody
ever gives in. HAHAHA. Not to forget my new found family members. =D

Right.. I'll DSLR them up here next year after my exams. Okay, okay,
this time it's real, (I know I didn't blog bout' my Sabah-nian Adventure like I say I would plus
upload those pictures due to my laziness) I'll really do it though this time.
And also some pics of my college yea! =)
I don't wanna forget this place and the people here.
We'll forget what people said, did, but not how they make us feel right~ =D

Current Song : Speak Now - Taylor Swift

Live, laugh, love,