DO IT TODAY. It might be illegal tomorrow!

Found those words while searchin' for backgrounds for my iPod. Haha. I'm so freeeee today, practically I've spent half a day with my bro on the PC, shooting mutants and the like in a land named Pandora - ''a post apocalypse land where treasures are to be found for those who seeks it..'' Feels like I'm tellin' a story. Muahaha~ Yea the whole gameplay and graphic is lollable but it's still great fun with my bro. Good thing I've two PC's side by side eh! The last time we connected was like 4 weeks 3 days ago, according to him, cool right, he's trying to break his own record on how long he's not gonna touch the PC. Harharhar. Too bad we finished the exams together so it's fun time yea~ No way he can resist that long! Ha! xD

To be honest, when was the last time I get to do things without my conscious keep reminding me about what I should do la? Whether I was running, walking, sleeping, crawling or just whatever I'm doin', it won't leave me alone - study, go study. study, Go study! That's what I get all day. And now I'm freeeee~! Don't know why though~ Cause' I've not even put in any heavy effort yet I feel the relief. And to add on to it, the real Edexcel Exams are coming in January. So I'm enjoyin' every second now and then cause' I know it won't be long before that consciousness is back. Booooo~ =(

Oh yea, I'm sooooo happy that I've finally finished The Innocent Mage - Karen Miller, Man... I had that book like since last year April or somethin' and I just kept it in my shelf.. LoLLy. It's the second book of the series already by the way. Hohoho... You know what, I've made up my mind, I'm gonna finish all my books from today onwards, (I have 7 books unread) not goin' to waste free time on Facebook! I just realized how much time I'm able to use up a day on Facebook - thanks to my exam week. Realization just hit me~ Muahahaha... Imagine that~ click on Firefox, login to FB, checkout my notifications - 5minutes(maybe more). Replying necessary stuff to necessary people on necessary things - 10minutes(maybe more). Hey! What's my very special friend doing today? - another 5minutes(maybe more). Ooohh... he/she played FarmTown the whole morning! Huh! What? He/she is mutual friends with my another friend! Wow! - 5minutes(maybe more). Oh...They have been talkin' all this while... gotta find out what have they been doin'~ Let's just post somethin' on his/her wall - 10minutes(maybe more). Friends birthday! Happy happy wishes! - 5minutes(maybe more). Oh! Friend replied! *Replies Back* - 5minutes(maybe more). Okay okay..gonna logoff now! Aww...another reply! Oh! Someone changed profile pic! Oh! He/she went Sunway Pyramid too just now! Oh! There may be a gathering this weekend! Is he/she coming? Oh! he/she is not replying me! Oh! Let's wait a little while for them~ Oh! 5minutes, 10minutes, 5minutes, 10minutes, 5minutes, 10minutes, plus all the (maybe more) = 1 hour+!! And that's only Session 1 of the day. Session 1,2 and maybe 3 will come and walaoeh... =.= I'm not gonna sit there and count! Strictly gonna limit my FB time. xO

All right fine, at least blogging may improve vocabulary and the human expressive senses, and well at least it's a once in a while thingy~ So off I go! My bro just asked me to join another game. Gotta go~ Ciao~* Cya!

Oh yea, oh yea, I'm playin' Hana's Eyes - Maksim now and I can't wait to finish this and goin' next to Victory! Maksim's the best! May be goin' somewhere tomorrow too~! =D

Live, laugh, love,