Trials is gonna start in 2 weeks time, but it'll last for only a week.
Yea, ONLY a week. A week of full time thinking how long till the whole thing's
gonna be over. Man, it seems like I've more spirit to study for the Qualifying's then for this
comin' trials~ Weird. =O

See! I'm keeping my promise and blogging at least once per month! =D

Oh yea, I'm having my Taekwando Grading on the 24th this month too. And I think
the Trials is starting on the 25th. What a great timing huh, to have the two things clashed
together! Aaaaargh~ But if everything goes right, I'm finally getting my black belt
after a long looooong time. x)

What else huh, okay, I need ohm, I need ohm ohm ohm to study man.
It's like I can't focus on what I'm reading and I'm always procrastinating things!
Oh well, I think I'll need to have a self-proclaimed-two-weeks-before-exams-holiday
again to study. There's just too much distraction! =O

One more thing, my first friend and also Dai Lou in college, Mr. Caleb Yap,
has left college and won't be back till early next month I guess. So if you're reading
this Dai Lou, see! I blogged about you! Be proud of it! =P

So that's it~ the rest are normal college on goings and if I've time I'll blog
bout' all the small little things down to the point how I hate Malaysian Studies blabla...
But me, I, and myself knows that that's quiet impossible now that time is of the essence! xD
I sound so literate. x)
So, see ya! =)

p.s. Fine. 很简单,it never should've been complicated. =D

Live, laugh, love,