Try again =D

Went to a 5s1 farewell party last night, well not party exactly but yea, still party. Was suppose to
mean farewell to those leavin' for matrics but it feels more like a gathering though~ LoL. Try tellin' the difference eh. =P Instead I didn't talk much to the main person whose leavin' to some far far away place called Kedah but had a great time with a friend called Jun Ming and with The Bachelors & Co. xD

There was like 10+ people who made it to the gathering, a new place called Kimtal - it's one of those 'Old Town' imitates that has those dim lightings and classy kopitiam feel larh~ Very typical. Had chit chattin' talk around the table, nothin' serious, and man, Wei Khong's camera sure is nice! Speakin' of sexy, I'll get one one day! It's my dream. Yea, it's one of those big and heavy with giant lens professional camera with don't know what kind of focus power and don't know how many times power zoom blabla~ Whoo.. It's really nice you know, to have a camera like this when you're on some nature trip or some big big occasion. =)

Me and JayM was the last to leave, had a nasi lemak biasa while he took a cendol. LoL.
He never listen to me when I said it'll give an headache. Hahaha.. Jun Ming Jun Ming..
十年不见十年不变!He's really one type of a guy. It was gettin' late anyway and since his house
was just nearby I walked him home, never know when's the next chance huh. =P
And you know what, it was the perfect atmosphere for a night walk, dark, quiet, a sidewalk,
a few bangladeshi workers walkin' home behind us.. Lolly~ we were really crapping about how
we would gonna get abducted, raped, and all that kinda shit. LoL. Some people have just no purpose after all, they're just there to make you smile. Haha.

Had a great night after all. Sigh. Of the ups and downs of life though~ today was the latter.
What to do? They say, when the world gives you a hundred reasons to cry,
you show the world you have a hundred reasons to smile. =D Hey! I think I finally got it! Perhaps guys have the monthly PMS thingy too huh! Hohoho.

Live, laugh, love,