Credits to Cherish Marissa Philip Georgia for supplyin' this wonderful way of namin'ma post! Cheers! Yea~ I'm outta names for m'posts all the same. Sigh~

LoL. We're stayin' home alone today. Just m'bro, sissy and myself of course. Hmm..not so alone after all. Buta.. we still have the whole house to move around. LoLz. Not much difference actually but it still feels different with m'parents away. Their currently in this farFar away land called Johor havin' some kinda brobroSisSis reunion and it's another uncle auntieee party. Uncle aunty all from far far away places comin' back and all. We're not really that close since they live half the globe away!? So~ we decided to stay home at the end. Ain't it better that way? lolz.

What a great deal of sufferin' I've to go through when I can't use m'hands! And it's my RIGHT. I've got a real big poke on my wrist. Right..unable to do anythin' much for a few days. And yea, just the day I thought I'll be pickin' up my guitar back again, another cut at my nails. !@#$%!!?! What the~ blabla~ Just a few cuts round my fingers renders my whole hand unusable! Macam mana? You do use fingers to do things after all. zzZzz.. I can't even do the weights that I've planned.

Hmm.. right. Somehow spiders are like ceepin' wherever I go man~ Everywhere. The toilet, m'bed, my table, the computer! Damn~ And I'll have to go jumpin' around freaked out by a lil' black pitch! Urrgh.. O'cmn..man.. the whole thing's just so creepy. Sigh. Arachnidphobia. LoLLy~ x.X Self-humour. Haha. Haha. There's one livin' around my PC. Yeap. And I just squeezed the life outta him this morn'. Not me, lucky I've one good ol' 'kakak' ta' do that. You know how she kills? She kills like..like...whoosh~ She's cold-blooded. She squashes the spidey with her palm and poke it with her fingers and...and..urrghh...sick. And you know how she eliminate cockcroaches? She plucks their head out. Damn sicko~ Yuckish. She must've be some kinda tribal head-hunter back in Indonesia. But hey, that the way of the hero! More like heroine~ LoLx.

I've been lookin' around YouTube when I found this. Hey check this out dudes,
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xRARmrorGU&feature=related He's one cool South-Korean dawg~ Look, he's only 13 this year and he's like whoa~ Well erm, not to say anythin' uncool bout' him..he's not as good as those professionals out there, but hey, open yer' eyes n' ears! He's so young and he's not bad already! He'll be on TV in the years to come. For sure. Definately. Bla~ Another prodigy. Humph.

Whatever, whatever. My next Taekwando's grading'll be next week! Sigh. Sunday! So soon. 1 more class and chop chop there I go~ xD All the best ta' myself and my bro!

Nope. No idea why at all. As much as I want to I just don't feel scared bout' the comin' SPM. Haha. Self-humour. haha. That's what I call it. haha. haha. Maybe I'm just too free. Haha. LoL..I feel like goin' on and on in this blog right now. Don't feel like stopping. Hmmm.. Hey, listenin' to Live High by Jason Mraz right now. Somehow I find his songs very free~ Yea~ the free free kind. LoLLy. But it gets boring over time. I'm still decidin' now whether to update m'player with Jason's or GreenDay's song. Hmm.. *Brain-Cells-Tingling*

This's my 95th post already! Waitin' on for the 100th! or should it be the 101st!? 99th? LoL.. It' still sounds good either way.

Just watched Step Up 2 yesterday. Sigh. Seriously, the first one was better. With Tyler as the lead and all. Really no mood to finish the movie without him. The girl just have no style in her! Arrh...too bad. Though she can dance quite well. Quite* xP

Yes! Success! I finally understand Infinite Geometric Sequences! Told ya' guyz I'll do it! Humph. *Feelin' Proud* Look, now there's this Infinite Geometric Series and I'm gonna take it down. 'You're dead you hear me?!' heheh. Self-Humour. haha. That's what I call it. Self-Humour. Haha. haha.

I know I know..my lines'r gettin' shorter n' shorter. I don't know~ Guess I'll stop here. Oh well, seriously, till next time then. Hey by the way, update yer' blogs people! Need some reads! All the best in you people's studies!

Lookin' forward to tonite's pizza~!

''Have A Happy