Look, maybe you're right, it's not. =)

Jason Mraz , he's just so great with his guitar. And he goes scatting~ DooDooDeeDubDeeDubDeeDub~♪
Right, first things first,

------------------- All the best to those takin' PMR~! -----------------------

I feel really 'secured' now that I've at least done some lil' work on chemistry~ Won't feel guilty then to touch my PC now. Skipped school today, and tomorrow, tomorrow and on, and on.. dadadoodadoodada~♪ Great. Jason Mraz invented scatting definately! So, back to the main line, I've skipped school to study at home. Ain't that better? I just can't focus at school. Right, my focusing anode's only active for like...say 5 minutes at most. What to do? =P

Got my Bluetooth Dongle finally~! Dongle sounds strange huh, but that's what the cover says. LoL. Yea yea, my PC comes with no bluetooth connection so I do need one. x) Makes transferring stuff (PC-->HP) + (HP-->PC) = Easier right? heheh. No more wires here and there~Error here and there~ Tataa~*

Hey, found this on the papers last week or so, http://15malaysia.com/films/
Some 15 malaysian production short films bout' Malaysia of course. LoLx. Watch it yea~ It's ammusing. Not all's nice though. Some'r quite dull actually. Maybe just check out these :
- Potong Saga [ LoLLy.. ]
- Halal [ Get some proper education on slaughtering the Chicken. ]
- One Future [ Typical Malaysia. LoLx ]
- Slovak Sling [ Watch n' Learn~ xP ]
- Meter [ Think this's one of the best amongst all~ ]
- Healthy Paranoia [ Our Health Minister's on the show! ]

DaaDaaDooDubDooDub~ ♪

Been meddling with Sequences...Urrghh~ It's one of the most confusin' thing you wanna do in maths. x.X Various sequences, infinite sequences... But yes, as usual, I've done it. Yea babe~ watch me. heheheh. But I've just found out today that there's 'Geometric' infinite sequences~?! What the huh~?!? x.X I'm goin' to be so dead.

LoL.. Good thing I've a looong mirror in my room. Did a close inspection on my body the other day and man.. am I thin! And with that tummy~ Ewww.. I need a broad chest.. wider shoulders... wide till' I'll need to turn sideways when passin' through the door~ and muscles definately! * Hey! Triceps are bigger compared to the biceps!* And my stomach! But hey, I need the gym larh~ Hurh.. Look, I said all my pimples'll be gone by end of this year and yes, it will. Right, and now I'm sayin' I'm gonna have

This, by the end of next year. heheheheheheh~ And I will~! heheheheh..who says it's impossible? xP

*I guess it looks scary at some angle huh~* x.X

I'm just very, desperate to find some pics to fill my blog. Haha. Finally found one!