Hey, what a beautiful mess this is. It's like picking up trash in dresses~

Right. Everyday passes and wooshes by like nothin' happened. I ultimately can't stand myself. Sigh~ How beautiful it would be if I'm not that dumb. I don't know, perhaps I know nothin' at all. Let's just say a wait'll always give somethin' at the end~ But I seriously don't like this. I hate this. Damn* It's like the whole of you stucked in one piece and not bein' able to tell someone how special they are to you. And the whole thing's because of yourself. Some things just seems so easy! But it's gawd damn not. Urrgh.

Suddenly I just feel like I've no fear for SPM. LoL. Got most of my grades this week, and hey, I'm not bad~ Like 61% for English and 59% for Moral Education. Haha. I think the teacher did gave me 60% for Moral at the end after all. Right..I'm lookin' forward to battlin' SPM. Just one month left to go. And after SPM, it's the end of secondary life. Sigh..the end of one phase of life and startin' a new one. And everyone'll be like sayin' goodbye to each other? LoLx. A goodbye is never painful if you're going to say hello again. Ain't that right? kekek..

This's my 90th post already! 10 more to my 100th! LoLLy~ My blogs kinda too blank of pictures huh.. Need to find some. x)

p.s. Though it seems hard to just do that simple lil' thing, I'll hold on like crap cause' there's nothin' to give up at all. heheheh..

p.p.s. Who dare says havin' too much love is wrong? xP