In love, it is better to know and be dissapointed, than to not know and always wonder.

Finally! Khai Lin's comin' down to KL~! LoLz. My cousin~ *PenangCousin* To be specific. You'll get all the exclusive guitar lessons I promise, all I need is the food. TaPau yar~ LoLLy.. Hmm..I'm hoping that they still do business during the raya hols~ I mean those chinese hawkers~? C'mn la...It's penang food after all. But there won't be any Nasi Kandar for sure already. Muslims they are. What to do. =(

Sigh..may be going down to Johor again next Monday. SighSigh~ Auntie Uncle talk~ I feel older everytime I talk to them. zzZzz.. Maybe not on Monday cause my cousin's over here but we're still be going on some other day. =.= Tell you what, it's one really, really, really dull journey.

Hey, I'm formally announcing now that I'm teaching guitar after SPM! Come come all, the more the merrier~! By the way, I'm talkin' about one of the greatest guitarist alive in M'sia! xD

Lookin' forward to my music career~ x)

One week hols~ LoL. I've actually forgotten about this 1 week rest already. Never thought about it since we just had a 1 week hols 2 weeks ago. But it's great right. Hmm..Gonna relax myself to the max this week. There's really no point for me to pick up the book larh, I'll just put it down again later. Anyone up for any movies or stuff next week? haha.

p.s. I just don't want you troubled.

p.p.s. Khai Lin! Supper tomorrow night yar? We'll be waiting. =)