I'm really surprised myself, Malaysian artistes are getting better and better already!
Okay,I was just listening to FlyFm (The best FM around.All the latest hitz. xD ) on monday night and they have this 'Campur Chart' featuring Malaysian artistes ~ Mostly guy bands.Just like my favourites~ ClickFive,Maroon5,SimplePlan,GreenDay,AARejects, blabla.. when I realize they were not bad at all!

It's actually the 2nd Malay song I've fallen in love with already, after Belaian Jiwa when I was still in primary.LoLz. *Player Updated* Check out the new song from Magik. It's magical..

And also Missing Star , by Yuna. Apparently she's famous in the US. Strange huh. But you gotta say she's gotta great voice~

Mum's birthday comin'! =P

p.s. 09.09.09~ Gotta do somethin' special that'll last for a long long loooong time. Feel like callin' 999. x)