The world is like a mirror, you smile - it smiles back.

Ya know, just that little stretch of muscle in yer face'll give you a smiley day! Look, it's simple really. Just follow me on my count ya? 1,2,3,4,5...and go greeeeen~! And just Grin! x)

10+ more post to my 100th post! I can't wait for it babe! I'm plannin' to leave it for the '' finish SPM and rejoice! '' post. Great right. That means bein' more conservative now and less bloggin'. Maybe just 1 post per week yea? I still got like 2 months! xD What's there to talk about when it's exams all the way anyway right? LoLLy~

I'm so glad to have my computer back from check-up.It's like part of my life ya know.We work together, can't live right without each other. heheh. Right.. my pc just got fried up last week when I thought I was just going to enjoy myself~! I mean really relax myself ! Ho! Turns out it's the power source again. Sigh..what larh, did you know that I just changed the power supply not another week ago? A very big (=.=) . Guess what, my HD 4870 's just too powerful and the power's not livin' up to it. xP

Finishin' my trials next week, Ha! And after that's plusplus more exams all the way to SPM. But ain't serious larh. Don't stress too much people! Later you guyz'll go pimple-d ! Just practices, that's all. Gerak gempur,Celik minda, whatever they call it blabla~It's not even taken count for anything. So bring it on babe, I'll take you down like a lil' peanut! I'm a natural talent. x)

Just found out Jian Liang's plan to teach drumming after SPM, and in my music shool too, what coincidence eh~ I'm gonna teach guitar there ya know, my place's reserved. Anyone interested in learnin' ? xP My primary mate, secondary comrade, and future workin' partner! Presenting Jian Liang! Cheers*! To our music career! xD

I find it strange you know, sometimes I just wanna live life after SPM where it's full of substance man! But then there's this other part of me that just wanna stay back here, being 17 and all. LoLz. I'll really miss everythin'. You know what, I think I should've join Seksyen 4 Idol~! =P

You know what people, I'm proudly annnouncin' that you guyz would be able to see my beautiful face finally by this year end! Yes! Just wait and prepare yourselves for a dazzlin' appearance of Allister Bah! kekekek... [Treatment in progress] xP

Hmmm..that's all.Once again, smile~! Yeo Yin! Where's yours? At least greeeeeeeeeen larh! It makes your day better! ta-taa~ Signin' off. Toot-toot.

Song of the hour : Dirty Little Secret - The All American Rejects

P.S. I Love You