I just realised.You know,greeeeen's my colour n' 5's my number.And guess what,my music's Maroon5,GreenDay n' Click5.They freakin' rock!

Just got the new GreenDay album-''21st century breakdown''. Man..speechless. My soul's goin' blind. xD Nobody'll ever be as good as them at rockin'.

Level M assessment test postponed again! For the record,it's the 3rd time already! yes! hehehh.I haven't even revise anything yet,and how am I suppose to do it?LoL.Great day indeed.I was thinkin' ''don't give it to me today..nono..not today..not today..pleaseplease..'',and poof* postponed! It's always like this,I want somethin',I get it.Lolly.I feel powerful. kekekek

p.s. Hey,no worries.He did not meant what he said.He's always like that.He was just jokin' the other day.I really want you to come and I mean it. =)

p.p.s. The Law of Attraction is indeed workin' ~ Hmmm..Hema,you're right.I can do it.

p.p.p.s. Happy B'day Ariel Francis Priyangka Philip Georgia! xD