Penang,I'm comin'~

Swenson's for lunch today.Barbeque chick,grilled fish,cheese baked rice,pizza,and ice-creams~ I had sambal grilled fish,malaysian+western~I really love being Malaysian.=) Went back later to find my relatives from Penang waitin' in front of our house.LoLx I just realised Penang people love KL food as much as we love theirs! Was not expectin' them really.They came in and we did some chit-chatin'~ x.X It was 6 when we went out again to Klang for some seafood.Never even had a chance to bathe first! Found this Coconut Flower Restaurant after a kinda long drive~And hey,this restraunt is HuGe! It's the atap-kinda seaside restraunt so you can imagine how hot it was! Graaaagh~But the food was~Ooooh lala~Never touched the crab and oyster though.I'll have pimples poppin' outta my face if I do. =.=''

These people are just great.Their goin' for Ampang yong-taufu and Bak Kut Teh somemore tommorow~! Amatuer food hunters.That's what they are. o.O So,finally getta come home and bathed~Relax~Still,i prefer Penang food than any KL food.Seriously.xD
Can't wait for next week! Gotta work hard and clear my stomach for some space~! hehehh