The title says it all. =)
Sunday Morn.

Drum-beatin' ceremony.Beat the beat in the name of Mother Nature!
Sis tryin' out the drum.lolx
Tree climbin' activity~Prefer rock climbing. =.=
Fun n' games organised by radio deejays~
Observation tower in the midst of the forest~ =P
Sissy gal~ xD
Dad admirin' the trees~?HhehehLove the light.
Just a mini waterfall.Bigger one ahead. x.X
Nice tree huh.
Sis on top of the waterfall.
Mum resting after a long walk~
Dad restin' after a long climb.lolx
Climbed this. x.X
Bro's artistic work with sand~blabla
Love this pic!
Back on trek,AaaaRrghh!
Din' manage to get to the canopy walkway,lack of tickets.So this's all we got. xP

LoLoLoL.FRIM.It was my 2nd time there already.I'm not much of a nature lover but it's greeeeen all around!What can I say?The jungle trekking part and of course,climbin' the waterfall was fun though.xD Even had a small small picnic on top! o.O
Dropped by IKEA with our wet clothings just for some curry puffs after that.Ignored the stares*hehehhehh Damn nice*

Hols are so over with one week gone already~zzZZ..But really,time seems slow last week.Wierd la,ain't holidays suppose to be fast~Enjoyed every moment of it though.Especially with my 4870 on hand,I'm god!

Alright,next outing's on tues,Whoaalla! Tomorrow! Didn't even realised! Once again,the time's 11~12 at the lionhead.Don't tell me ya don't know.. =.='' Movies booked,2.30,12 tickets,anyone can join.Not tellin' the name of the movie,surprise yar~ SoonY,no worries,it's not Salvation. =)

p.s.AaaaaAaaarrGhhhHhh! I've cut my hair!!

p.p.s.Wee,DavidT,MissLil'V,good luck in yer exams tommorow!

p.p.p.s.To Wee and Lil'V,fly together,fail together,be together,forever and ever. =)