Feelin' tired~

Badminton tourney today at MBA with ma' few buddies out there.Awwww..too bad I've lost. =.= So long never play d ma~But I still gotta say,I'm good right guyz?heheheh
Call me a show-off Zohan! heheheh
Guitar class just now.Got a Tango piece from my si-fu~This song's really tingling! Still playin' on my mind now~ =)

Soon Yew: Hey! Gratz on bein' de champ! Sure JY woulda be proud of it.^^ Btw,did the mamak dud asked you bout' my milo?Sorry yar..I'll pay you back next Tues. xD

KongKong:Happy days in Bali!

Bryan:I could've beat you if I wanted to! ^^

Kin:Thx for the CD.Been lookin' fer it for some while now~

JayM:Can't go to yer house tomorrow~Erm,it's actually a 'Don't want',hehhh,lazy larr..gotta find someone to call! xP

YuYi:You sure look down losin' to Soon boy.hehehh xP