Waiting,is indeed rewarding! Finally got my new PC and the 4870! The delivery came bout' 6.Was in The Gardens that time.Well of course,we rushed home straight! All the while,what I've been wantin',beggin' of,dreaming of,and it's finally here in my hands! I never even thought that my parents would've agree on it considerin' this year my SPM year.But hey,they just did it! Just do it! Nike!

Just finished bathin' after fixin' up the PC and the HD4870 ! Have not bathed so late for a long time now.Wiring,updatin' stuff,installin'~Whew~damn messy.But it's all done now! Feelin' much much relaxed... =D
Nothing much more to say except thanks thanks thanks and thanks once again to my dad,mum,bro, sis,friends,and everyone who made this possible for me! This means so much ter me!!!

Never give up waitin' for anything! It'll just come to you any moment~! Hope is always there!

And I'm still givin' freeeeeee HUGS and Kiiiissesssss!!!!!