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The most fearED subject in almost every student's mind~E-X-A-M-S~lolly. Tommorow.Yeap.It's tommorow.Sigh~Finally finish my form4 Sejarah.No time to touch Form5.With all those mixed up tips teacher gave~Whew~So confusin'.I can't help but kept thinking about life after exams~lolx

So,before goin' back on track pushin' n pushin',I'm trying ta relax here bro~Hoooooooooozzz~ Hey guyz,check out our senior page.by-Wan Rong (Genius*)Plink*

Not bad huh~Credits to WanRong..Again n again~Encore~! Applause*! Leave some comments if ya like.Ta-Da~

I'm hooked on '' Allister ''.lolzlolzlolzlolzlolzlolz