2 days down.14 more.(x__X)

Just woke up.Ha! Finally sleeping's so warm and relaxing.The tough guys are finally down this week.Sejarah,BM~English is easy la...Same goes to English,'for Science and Tech'.LoLz The M'sia gov really have nothing to do eh?xD

I'm feeling so free now,WhoaLaaaaLaaa~Even though the real guyz are comin' out rough next week.Bio,Chem,A.Maths,Moral~I don't feel like studyin' anymore.

By the way,tried tweeter?anyone?Drop down any info you have bout' it.Lazy to try lerrrr~ (=.=)

Enjoyin' 'Allister' now,sebelum nasi menjadi bubur.(This's the only peribahasa I used in my BM essay~) TT