Pimples.LollyWhOaLa! It's really givin' me the freakin' creeps! Can't they just leave me alone?! Deamn.Pop one a day and i'll get 2 tomorrow.And on.and on.on and on and so on. (Pissed*)

I was really !@#$!! since I received news bout' the power-cut in my residential area this afternoon yesterday night for some maintainence.Man,macam mana tidur?No heater for bathin'?I'm gonna be like sweating and sweatin' in my bed~ (=.='') But thank the Guy up there they manage to finish their work just as I was stepin' into the toilet.LoLz.Sooooooooooo,I slept like a pig.

Manage to finish at least half a chapter of Sejarah in school.HooOoooz~Still,I can't stop there.Gotta push,n push n go on pushin' for the next 2 weeks~ Sigh* Skippin' school tomorrow.I'm really negative on finishing the school syllabus on time lerrr~Gotta be ready for the Study-thon tomorrow.

Wee:You wanna guitar solo battle?Bring it on boyo~ I'm waiting.BleKk*

BeeMing:I'll watch Salvation with you la~But I still prefer Origins.

J.Ying's Guy,SiewSoon:Zombie!! Scared? xD

Kin:Get on with what you're dealin' with buddy.Smile~Say greeeeeeeeeen~

TJun:Happy 17th Birthday! Gambateh with XiXi!

Pimples:Go away larrrrrrrrrrrr~irritatin' bastard. !@#$%!!

Song of the hour-->Know Your Enemy-GreenDay.Green just RocK!!!