Simple Plan.Any for the hols?

Ok,the jay chou craze is gettin' over now..slowly..Yeah man,today's the last day in school,and guess what,It's damn shiok!! 2 weeks,Awww..I don't want it blank k guyz?I'll be in Penang only on the second week end,so please can we just go somewhere?MBA next fri for sure.Can't wait fer it! $$$ all the I'm gonna win! Please cooperate la for the plannings... x.X I give up la..even IOI is okay!

Wee,you're okay today la~it's just too soft,Haihhz..and u were outshined eh?Nevermind,I appreciate your music.=D Plus,thanks for the scores.I'll give you back later k?I can't tomorrow~Hey,didn't show you BuGongYingDeYueDing properly yet,but you've gotta admit my MarriageD'Amor was quite good right?hehehhh

I'll post my pics soon~Lazy now.BlekK* Eyes as you requested Soon.LoLx

I'm so on Simple Plan now! Their just like ALLiSTER (it's a band =.=) ! So,
Shut-up Shut-up don't wanna hear it ! Get-out get-out get-outta my way! -ShutUp,SimplePlan

But still,check out TheClick5 songs from the links I've provided the last post!