Just for you..

Meister TC-Chan,

It was like 6 months ago,when I first saw you.And I thought,Hey,here's one arrogant australian-slangED speakin' bastard trying ta show off his mathematical skills.And the way you talk to me,so cool,so calm,Damn*I just hate it.But you're the one comin' every friday,staying late,preparin' stuffs just for me.And I could see it,it's not just the money you're in for it.You shared everything with me and I'm thankful fer it.I'll still be much backwards if you were never there.And now for all the Olympics preparation you gave me,tell you what,I'm ready! You're more than a teacher,you're a friend.That makes your leavin' harder for me.G'damn.But no matter,it's just Singapore.Small island eh?Well then,take care and good luck in your future!See if we'll meet again.

Why do angels fly?I'll remember that.Because they take things lightly.

And hey, Money=notExactlyEverything