FREEdom day1.

Aaargh,finally got to sleep for a solid 9 hours last night.Dead skin cells finally going off?Alright,my happiness ain't wearing off yet,but I'm finding this freeeee time too freeeee~! And hey Wee, I've finished your Rockband:Unplugged last night.It was fast ya know,60++ kbps,it's a damn hot file eh?I'm getting Retribution now for you,smile yea?xD But too bad no pendrive for you,hehehh. Remember to bring it tomorrow.

N yes! I'm on the brink of getting a new graphic card! Long story..Yes! Yes! Yes! Bring it on!

Added a new song in my player,Summertime,can't manage to get the good quality one though~

Plus,listen to this
Just The Girl-The Click 5
This song is just so me! 'She's just the girl I'm lookinnn' forrr~!'

(I Quit!)x3-The Click 5
This one's their latest~Check it out.It's a must!

I've given you the link,so no lame excuses for not listenin',just go! So,6 more FREEhours! Gotta find something to do~! Yea,1.05pm now. Another 300 secs and its MERDEKA! to those takin chinese eh,so CHEERS!!! xD

p.s.Ginn,when are you free?Need to call you bout' my blog! I'm desperate already!