One word says it all:Freeeee~! Not for long though..=.=''

Well,Hu-HaaAa! Exam's g'damn over! I feel wierd,you know,no studyin' every night now for that's what I've been doin fer the past 2.5 weeks,and now~I'm just freeeee~!

To Dan,
My dear beloved friend,tryin' to pickup my bottle just after the exams to ruin my mood,again, *just like last time..Huh?hehehh.Too bad you got Soon's bottle! Good for you.LoLx You still have your chance on fri,no worries. =D


To WilliamKok,
Thanks for the tab! You're the best! As promised,I'll promote your web.Here it is guyz, a look if you're a guitarist.hehehehh


Haiz..still can't jog this week.My ankle still hurt from that day's accident(bicycle crash into flower pot.)LoL.Must've gain a few 100 grams~ T.T hehhhehh whatever~Good luck to those taking chinese papers! Ciao~ =P

Mood: 'I used to rule the world..'-VivaLaVida,Coldplay xD