3 days and still,counting...

First things first,before any of you guyz start readin' this,could jiu just un-pause the player on the right if you've paused it?It's really worth listening.Leave some feedback if ya can.Would like to know if you have em'.

I was shocked when I was offered a job on Fri,LoLx! The principal of my music school asked whether I wanna take over someone's class,and of course,I've gotta say no..HaiH~No time,no car,SPM,I just can't.Too bad,it woulda be a nice experience.Plus doing something I like with $,not bad huh?

Went to Popular searchin' for JayChou guitar scripts yesterday (I'm on da JayChou craze now!!!),they have it but it's not in Malaysia!?! Siao..gotta place my order and wait fer 'two months',like they said~July... =.='' Good thing too,it woulda be just perfect to get it on my birthday~lolly

N aha~! Finally found out what's causin' my red face! Met some skin-care dude today,and my problem>>>dead skin cells... Main cause? >>>lack of sleep..boinK* =.= No wonder Soon's face so perfect.Hey Yew,you've gotta teach me how you sleep so early! Cause even gettin' up on bed at 9, most likely I'll be rollin' around till 1~ x.X

The Final 3 Days on the go~WoooHoOoo~can't wait till it's all over! Ganbatte everyone! (Have I got it right this time o' dear Niki?) hehehhh

p.s. Niki-Chan,I know you feel the shivers...hehehh