I'll take the day orf today.hehh~No studying for today,definately.The two weeks' tension really made me wild~I'll be on the com for the whole day terday~LoLx.Nic,need entertainment?

I'm really stucked on Jay after I got his music scripts.Listening to his songs really bring back old memories of Form1,Std6~ T.T It's so much different now.Haih..I still can't manage the piano part well.I shouldn't have drop piano..No matter.As long as I amalkan 1 prinsip in life.Only 1,prinsip.Never Give Up! (Credits to Deng~) =.= I'm workin' on my guitar too.HueyY,prepare yourself babe~Jay Rox! for now..

Bout' T Jun's blog.LoL.Those pics really made his blog famous.Who wouldn't wanna post those pics when 1pic=30 comments?=.='' LoLz.Seriously,I was again laughin' like hell when readin' those comments.Team1(TJun,Zohan,Anon) vs Team2(SC){outnumbered}.Look,I'm not on anyone's side.I gotta agree at some point that SC is right at some degree.On the other hand, Team1 really are jokers~You guyz bring laughter to my day.xD

Yea,if the one's in the pic don't like it then just take it down.And down it goes finally.To my frenz takin Bible Knowledge and er..Chinese Literature?YingHan,DavidT,DavidW,WanRong(nt sure..), BeiBei~JYJY! And also to those takin' Acc and Chinese next week,add more oil!

Listenin' to 蒲公英的约定 ~ sigh* Really touchy song..sad..I think I'll go suicide. x.X
And yes! I'll be getting the guitar solo scores for 蒲公英的约定 & 彩虹 today! Can't wait for it!

蒲公英的约定(original MV)>>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5pCGOI-LqU&feature=related

Cannot play piano ma..got no choice but to go back ter guitar. :D