Gambateh! (or Ganbateh,insisted by Niki) =.=''

Humph...3 subs left.Sivic-who cares?A.maths-I pro d la~Chem-lolx.This's the real problem.
Only chemistry's gonna bring my next week down.LoL! Never thought the weeks would pass so fast with exams~Gotta cherish every moment.Like what Soon said..last mid-term exams,ever.It's not that people would miss it..It's just that those moments when everyone in claz s quite,rushin' for their paper ter be done,passin' answers around in some cases~*It's really something that I'll never get in college,U or whatever place I'll be going.Unless you're talkin' bout takin' form6?NO WAY.I'm not gonna waste 2 years of my precious life there doin stuffs that loads time harder than what I'm doin nw already~lol It's just a NO WAY! Rather go fer A-level~ =.=''

Alrite,gambateh everyone for the last week!!

HueyY:Patience..wait for my vid...

SuPing:Happy belated Birthday! You're 17 babe~

Song of the hour--->Thinking of You-Katy Perry (Used to think it was Kate Perry)