604800 seconds left~

Yeap,7 days till the mid-term exams~ =.=
Wonder what's gonna move and not.At least I've done some work on Bio~Makin' me feel less insecure.kekk

My weekends are really dull these days~Unlike those days when we would spent the whole day shoppin',catching a movie or two,shop somemore~till late nite.It was really funtime for me man~Haiz..with me having SPM and ma' bro with his UPSR,it's just impossible now.
Started bloggin',friendsterin' and all reason's cause I'm stucked here,at home.With ma' com,only source of entertainment* ^^ Nah..with my bro n sis,life never gets bored.xD Their just too much fun.lolz

I've took up stuffs like tennis(still can't overhead serve~ =.=''),jogging,swimming just to get out~You know,exercisin's an exception for my mum.Soooooooo,I get to feel the wind in that way~ I find it really nice actually.Gettin' physical and all.Hmph..I'm still 74.5kg~ lolly
Went cyclin' with my BroSis around our area just now~Got chased by a pup.Just a pup.Cute one*
Nothin' serious.xD Had roti together after that.Minum teh~(+0.1kg?)chat-chat~ HahaHEhehHohO~

Anyway,gonna watch The Dark Knight now~the third time.lolz Still,its a nice movie~Forgettin' exams in the mean time...