Cantopop Headache.

Finally got my long awaited songs today.Thx Y.Han and Di.WaAaagh! So many cantonese songs~I'm suppose to sing those?Man..gotta start takin' canto class.N hey,the songs are actually not bad.Maybe I should start findin' hokkien songs too.xD

6 more days.O man.The countdown's really on my mind every second! x.X
Surprisin'ly,today's not bad after all.Considering that it's a Monday.Nothing's on my way in the moment.Except for some pests like Leinad.(Lolz..Nic you should know who~) =.=''
Anyway,my life won't get any interestin' without him eh? ^^

Just finish workin' on A.Maths.I really feel safe writing this blog yer know~With me at least doing something.Going joggin' later.

p.s.Thx to Y.Han n Di once again.Enjoyin' the songs now~ xP Really love 情非得已 !