Finally.My mistake.

LoLz.I don't know what's happening.Ever since the beginning of the year,Change follows me wherever I go.Whatever,whenever.School being different.Class.New people.JayM being the same(that's different.xD).Kin's being really,very,very emo.Nic's back and Ken took his place.Dan's having an ionic bond with my bottle.Me writin' this blog.Meetin' Ginn.And Hema in this class.Knowing WanRong plays the guitar.Couples poppin' out from no where.Meetin' this perfect organism that is just,so,perfect.Different.too.Making me wondering what is it.And the curiosity itself's drivin' me crazy.I don't smile.(Ginn?)Getting complaints from my parents that I look down.(do I?) Even Ken's irritated.I'm just so sick of this.I don't know how to put this in a way that you'll get it,but it's this infatuation.This,!@#$%!! infatuation.Right.

Very right.She's just so different.Different from anyone else.Beautiful in a way that's unexplainable.I'm talkin' serious here.The way she walk,talk,move,sing,stand,shout,write,laugh, jump,run,smile,blink,use the computer,read,and all makes me want to stay there and look at her the whole day.But I always thought,thought that it's just the talk that make me shake in front of her.Make me shut in front her.Made me hit my head on the tree.(LoLz.It really happened.)But nah..It's just myself.It's me who's made all this possible.I think too much.Just,too much.I've been tellin' myself,you're gettin' nothing from this.Not a thing.Then why am I still stucked in this?Doing stewpid things that ThankGod,only I know myself what.The whole damn thing's wasting my time.No wonder I'm seeing black in everything.Makin' every precious day darn foul for me.HaiZz

But thanks to my mum who's ever so wise to enlighten me with her words,I've awaken from this 'infatuation' like you said ma'~You're right ma'~If it's love than fate'll make it possible(in the future~Haiz~).Not me.It's not for me to decide what's up and down.I just make choices.Wrong choices goes to the wrong decision and then I'm down.My mistake.So,like you said ma',it's still never too late to do anything.She may be unforgettable,impossible to ignore.So remember,and don't ignore.But leave the slot for friendship.Nothing serious.Time's not flyin'.It's just walkin' at its own pace.Catch up if you want to.Sit and it'll pass.

Seriously.You're still on my mind.Forever.lolly.I doubt if it'll ever come out that easy.I can't help it*I'm just looking forward for the day when I'll look back at myself now and laugh.lolzlolzlolz.So,no more blur issues on this from tomorrow onwards.I don't wanna be down myself.I'm the only cure to myself.Going joggin' to clear ma' mind later.Good Luck in myself! =)
Smile always.

p.s.DavidTio,is today's post better than usual?xD