Say YeeeeeHaaaAarRgh! to MusiC!

I don't even have a single blob of idea on titling my post,but I do know I love MUSIC!!! But,no worries.No,no musics on this post*You'll just doze off.xD

Feelin' up and jolly from the moment I woke up today.No reason.Maybe its ma' dream or something?lolz Most likely.Taekwando class's cancelled for today 'cause ma' Sir's having his Master's exam.Good for him.No kicks for me today.Feelin' lazy anyway~Goin' tennis later! ^^ Tried to study Chemistry just now, luck over there.Can't even stand the 1st hour.zzZZz Eyelids droppin* Sometimes I just wonder how I got myself into S1.Fate must be siAo~lolly

Rewind*Yesterday~Nice ride.PJ was bad for me though.Played bad in basketball.AwwWww..what's wrong with my jump guyz??!? No glory over there.TT Nothing much after that.Changed and went in class.Very normal.Chemistry ceramah.Sleepy~Yawn*Koko after school.Bloggin' for the Computer Club dudes~(me included).JayM was really checkin' out those blog editin' tuturials.He's gonna create one these days~! After that was badminton(PingPong actually...xP).SzeYuen checked our names.No lines needed.(Good havin' a friend in power huh.) =) Went badminton with JunHoe and his buddies.Saw a girl alone in the third floor.Qi!! lolz 5pm.Went home.Bathed.Guitar class.I was really smilin' the whole lesson.PhoooYoOooOo~ =)

Thursday.Blank.Can't remember anything nice.hehh

Wednesday! Scalin'! Not teeth scaling,GUM SCALIN'!!! But still,it's my last year.haiz~No feelings for the dentist(nurse?) but somehow,I still managed to had some laughs with her.^^



The nurse was really rough! Fu-Yoh! My mouth was just bloody-blood after that.But thanks to her,I'm brushin' three times a day now.lolly By the way,it's EARTH DAY!

Tuesday.We had ceramah from the same ol' phat lady above (up*up*!).She says the same thing every year. =.=

Monday.I was called to scaling.But as the usual me,I just stayed in class.xD Wait a minute,I think I was somewhere else anyway~


Just back from tennis!Phew~Nice game!Tiring,and..painful*I was on my way back to the car when I knocked ma' head on the tree branch.LoLoLoL Being happy comes at a great price.Hehehh~Can't finish my post just now cz my sis wants the com for her school project.So here I am.Back here,bloggin'! =D

O'rite,pics of the week~

Pretty Woman...heheh

Recognize these?


Never knew the door was talkable.lolly

I would like to add just,one....more pic:

Me and Umi! kekekk

Pics done.hehheh..really lollable eh?Anyway,I caught this lil' squirrel running about in my garden this morning.I'll try to upload this video and see whether it works.1st video in my blog! CheeEerS!

Give me some feedback on this video yar~Feelin' real good now.Probably the best this week.^^
Plus,I'm having curry for dinner later! Nothing's really going into my way at the moment! I feel like I could shout out loud! YoYOoyoyoyoYo! Siao! heheheheheh
Guess I have nothing more to blog out now.So it's ta-taa for now~WhOoosSh~

p.s.Rafael,don't go spammin' pics in my friendster! xD Steven Gerard's pic s nice though. heheh