Celebrate good times COME ON!

Feels great living a friday.xD Surprisingly,I'm awake now.Tis being ma' usuaaal nap time~I just don't feel the slump.I'm not attending the school extra curricular activities either as I won't be having a transport home.Since ma' parents on a plane to Penang and Kedah.Yeap,home alone till the next day~not alone,exactly,but rather,alone with my bro n sissy.Fun's on our way guyz,we ain't sleepin' till 3 morn n we'll live through the night! WOooooOOoZaaIiii!!!

By the way,anyone reading should also know that JunMing's writing a blog soon.It's gonna be about A.Maths n mostly high level math calculations and principles. LolZ I gave him the idea anyway~Credits to ma' self.cheers* Nothing much happened at school,hMmmm...except JingYing's not talkin to me anymore~sobsob Got the Amulet of Samarkand for my sis.Finally she wants to read it after a year! Did the pumps during PJK,yea,i was not bad,considering the fact that i've never pump for months already.Despite that,i still had an 'A'.(who cares~?) [Mugun,if you're readin' this,u have my heartiest condolence) =P

Anyone here knows a thing or two bout' fat burnin'?Man..I'm gettin phat! sOoooo PhAt!!!! I've got three comments bout' this fattenin' issue this week already! Especially it's from the girls! Gotta burn..burn..BuRn....I just don't get it~an increase from 65 to 75 kg?In two months(year-end hols)? Sounds impossible,looks impossible,feeels impossible! It's not like i'm home grown,i cycle,swim(during ma bro's claz),go basketballING,badmintonING at least once a week!!! [well,only during hols of course~].But ain't that enough?! !@#$$!!!
Ferget about that~Deamn! (Hema,watch how you make this guy a spoilt brat.)Anyway,anybody here can sing while playing(piano,guitar,violin??,whatever..)?It's really frustratin' yer know,playing the guitar for 4 years now,5 includin' this year,yet unable to sing with it. !@#$%!!! I need a tutor.desperately.call me>>0166231633/0380629286

Kay,bloggin' off for now~Siew Pao! remember to link me if your're readin' this!

*My lil' sissy,cute?*