Just woke up.Phew~First things first.Im a fool.EEeeeeEeeek! Don't wanna talk about it.Fooled some* girls with my little spidey~Well,a guy too~heaheah,sorry folks,can't mention who lest i get a Bish*Bish* from him.My little spideeey finally got the lights after recess.Earned hisself a ribbon from GinnGinn.Yeap,her bounc-ity was real high after rehat~R u readin dis?No idea whether it's chenShin or the 'poke me' thing on my back(PoKe mE~!) xD.Well,at least every one was happy terday.It's ma' last april's fool day in this school anyway~ bLekk *_*
HmmMMm..made up my mind about the sport's day marchin'.Was telling ma' self~'Allis! it's the last year dud,get a move on! '' And that was it,i've gotta stay back till 4 terday~
Saw Mean Bei hangin' around school before the practice.Tought of joining her tuition class.Ask her bout' her dad's tuition,and guess what,it's an all girls class! 7 or 8 if im still getting things right~Hope destroyed*Plink*
Yeap,after the practice i've got one thing straight~''No sacrifice No victoRyyyyyyyyy!!!!'' Kongkong's gotta shout that a dozen times to keep hisself satisfied.Well,sacrificed i did. :P
marched here..and there..'' Kiri.....Kiri......Kiri Kanan Kiri..''Pandu puterieeeeeees were squeeeeeeeking those words tooooo~heahea Sorry yar..u guyz are just weak! Ur goin' down! lol
After those sweaty hours,i finally went home.Finish bathin around 5~slurped an Iced Lemon Tea~Slipped in the blankets~zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S.Picture as you requested Ginn.lolly

p.p.s. Got my new bag!

Gotta finish my history chapter 2 notes~Else Muru'll slaughter me.Ciao~