Monday Bluuueees~

Its not today.But yea~tomorrow.Nice way of puttin' it Al.You really hate it don't cha.Nah..It's just school,so what?So you're wired out you bump! What are ya talkin abou~Shut up.You're real irritatin.Bzzz off~I'm really confused.So am I! So? What?!? Awwww...I just hate it!

School~Just the name makes me shudder~Nah,that's exaggeration.Gotta meet Missy Muru again,more trigo work from our overworkin teacher,stay-back for marching,What more?I don't know,seems to me everyone's blog are about school pressure.It's just impossible not to write about it when reading tons of it.They're really giving me the feeling I'm running outta' time.It's not that i don't know.not that don't feel it.GraaaaaAaHHH! I'm a damn emo guy now! Gotta do something bout' that.

Had vegetarian-indian-ChineseStyle-curry for dinner just now.Sounds wierd huh? My mum's a not bad cook for all i know.Got a few buddies too who loves her food.Ate Kedah MeeRebus and Penang Nasi Kandar too.Tasty* TutTut.That certainly is the source of ma' phat~Too bad,pleasure comes first.HeaHea.Gonna have some more Penang stuff tonight! WooHoOOoo!

N yea,i can sing now!With my guitar of course.Better actually.Practice for almost an hour for coordination and finally got something from myself.Song's titled>>>*BaoBei* heard it before?
Anyways,I think i gotta' find a way to kick ma'self away from the computer man.It's really eatin' up ma' time.Making me havin' less time with ma' guitar.Thought uninstalling games on my PC woulda done the job.Now im stucked with friendster,chattin n bloggin'?Can't even bring ma'self to finish ma' book i brought 4 months ago.Deamn.

Speaking bout ma' book.Was enjoying it in the evening when another,EIGHT LEGGED HAIRY CREATURE puffed out beside me! AaAAAaaaRghh!! Don't cha know i have Arachnophobia!??!!
These spiders just have nag on me.Wherever I go.They go! You're gonna get ticked off one day,you hear me?!!?? !@#$%!!!

Gotta blog off now.By the way,Is ma' player workin'?Just got it and need some feedback.Thanks.