Need help!!!

If anyone's readin' this please say somethin' yea~!

I'm currently havin' this nail dilemma and really don't know what to do..

Ever come across where you have to choose only one from the two things you really loved?

Darn!* If keep my nails long then I wouldn't be able to play the piano and it would make

all the tapping sound on the keys plus I'll start havin' blue-blacks on my nails again.

To chop it off I won't be able to make a sound on the guitar strings! The sound is just too mellow

and blur. Oh man.. I've tried picks - the so called fake fingernails.. (=.=)" but it's too clumsy

and it doesn't allow speed.

Well I can't keep it ' just-long-enough ' to play the guitar cause that means I'll have

tapping sounds on the piano already. Aaaaaarggghh~!!!

Will be really really really grateful if anyone can help here! (>.<) Need it desperately!

Edit : Just finished MW2! It was epic! =D

Live, laugh, love,