Back from my first driving lesson and it's awesome!

Hey, maybe I can be a lorry driver in the future! I wanna drive a bulldozer! Hahahaha...

Or a tank or somethin', sanggup berkorban untuk negara! xD

Found these pics when I googled 'driving'. Just to picture up my blog~

Beautiful. x)
Ooooh.. since when drivin' got so hot huh? Haha..Lookin' forward to this day. =D

Just a short update since I'm left alone at home while the other Bah's are out

watchin' an ochestra. xO

p.s. Exams start on the 11th of May! Study leaves comin' soon!

p.p.s. Hair not long/puffy enough. Wait till 26/7, the messiness shall be back. Don't blame my weird fashion sense, I'm just artistic. LOL.

Live, laugh, love,