Last post here! =(

Found an app to make this icon on Facebook. Very ROFL indeed! Haha~

Gonna reformat the whole PC and loadin' it in with Windows7! Whoa!
Haha.. Just very excited over a new change.
Everythings gonna be cleared off so I've just copied all the valuables up. Sigh~ Somehow it just
feels sad. LoLLy~

So here's the last post with my dear Windows XP that's been with me for a long,
long time.

And so it's SPM results day on this comin' Thursday finally! Now there's somethin'
more excitin'.. I've actually thought of meetin' up with all the old mates but, it seems like
they're all busy with work and college. And I thought I was gonna be busy with college too
till yesterday when I knew I'M HAVIN' AN DAY OFF THAT DAY!

Awww... what with the gathering dreams huh~ Hmmm.. Macam mana? Nevermind lo. Sigh~!

Aaaaargh! I'm startin' to get the chills for the results! Suddenly feelin' so nervous for it!
It comes and go though~ Hohoho.

Oh well, all the best to me and everybody! LOL!

Gonna unplug the PC now. SobSob. Bye~!

Live, laugh, love,