L on the way!

Went to the driving wokshop yesterday! Or bengkel, that's what most call it. And now all's finally over and I'll soon start drivin' man! That is till my L license's here. =X

Lucky I've met someone from Pusat Tuisyen Success Score there! Else I woulda been bored to death! She looks so fierce at first, don't even dare approach her man~ But I just can't resist as temptation builds up, so I just ask if she's from Puchong somewhere... and lol, she is! There I go, a survival kit for the next 6-hours or so~

And... I survived! L license on the way!

Tryin' to blog as lil' as possible now, sigh~ approx of another 3 weeks till trials! I've revised nothin'!

I love my hair! xD

Live, laugh, love,