The Gurdian Angel!

Hmmm... Someone's on my Wanted list now.

And so the Student Council of our college organized the 'Guardian Angel - Mortal' game last week. Guess what, we're all suppose to be 'Guardian Angels' and do good stuffs to our Mortal and at the same time keeping our identity secret. Sounds superhero-ish huh~ LOL!

So here I am, I'm a mortal to someone else and a guardian angel to someone else. Well, more like a fallen guardian angel. Heheh. Cause I still can't find my mortal.

On the other hand, I've recieved 10 bucks last week and well.. a green egg yesterday from my G.A. already. Oh my. It feels so mysterious! Feels like one of those mystery novels~ LoL.
And oh yea, notice that it's a GreeeeeN egg! There's even a note sayin' he/she knows I love green!
Oh man.. this's stalking! And now the angel's readin' my blog. I know you are! Hoho. Reveal yourself!

Oh by the way, thanks for the 10 bucks if you are reading. =) And the egg.

p.s. I'm gonna find you!

p.p.s. Dad goin' Bali this Fri. LoLLy~

p.p.p.s. Goin' to the Bengkel this Saturday! Finally! After postponing so many times!

Live, laugh, love,