2 weeks.

Gonna have a day off this Friday cause it's GoooooD Friday!
Ain't it good bein' in a Methodist College? Hoho.

Gonna go back to my beloved Seksyen4 this Friday to certify copies of paperwork.
Gonna love the sight and smell of Seksyen4 very very much..

Goin' back to Penang and Alor Setar for Cheng Beng this Saturday!
LoL... it's my first time doin' Cheng Beng in my whole life~ LoL.

Skippin' Monday's class on Monday next Monday.
Need the extra day for extra time for extra food consumption in Penang! Triple the X.

Goin' for the JPA interview next Friday!
My very first formal interview~! Not really nervous though..

Say I add another 3 days,
Friday + 3Days = Monday
Monday = First Semester Trials!!!

I've only touched a lil' lil' bit of this and that. Oh man...

And everythin's happenin' in 2 weeks time.* LoLLy~ Time sure is runnin' out! x.X

Live, laugh, love,