MCKL OB Night! One nite to remember.

It was totally mind-bloing! Woot-woot to the max! Where do I start? Hahaha~

Right... so, so, so, our college's annual Orientation Ball was held in the Renaissance Hotel last night! It was just perfect that we, among close buddies we get to sit together in the same table. Buddies~ buddies~ That's what Eva calls the 4 of us. Will show you her pic one day. She looks like Suk Yen! xP

There was the usual performance - Dancin', singin' and even a sketch. Aww.. too bad our performance wasn't inside. Sad. Hmm.. the Ball's also the official handover of the Student Council to the new committee. Gratz the new Mr.President Erik! Gratz Dai Lou Caleb! Gratz gratz! There's also a lucky draw. Guess what, the prize's a netbook worth RM1,200! Urgh.. all the seniors got the draw. *Not fair not fair. Hohoho. Everybody was just beautiful last night. Oh yeah, and gratz to those who won the Best Dressed plus Freshie King/Queen Award~ Really proud that the people in our class got at least, into the nominees. Kekek.

The food was just neutral, normal~ Nothin' special for a Ball. Heheh. Sorry, not my taste.
Lolly. It's not bad larh... but I just can't stop laughin' at the thought of Sze Yun strugglin' with her prawn with half her scarf kept slidin' down her neck. LOL! LoL. The best part was the dance, well, not a Ball dance, as I would've thought, Hohoho... Yea, I should've thought so that nobody would wanna dance if they had a slow kinda ball dance. So instead we hit the dance floor altogether with all the smash hits jammin' up! Dub-dub-dub! Yeeeeeeeehargh~! Seriously, didn't know dancin' would be that shiok. Oh man, I think the whole nite's only made up of that dance after all! It was the best part! Hah! Well of course the lecturers went home at 10.30 or so already, and it was our time till the clock strikes twelve. But alas! The bus was leavin' at 11.30 and I didn't get to hit till midnight. Sigh... it woulda be fun and memorable if only I get to party till the end of everythin' with everyone. What a waste. Boohoohoo~

Oh well, the fun ends there. Haha. Woke up real late this mornin' and I'm still feelin' tired. It's like I had a drug overdose. Kekek.. I was suppose to wake up at 8 or 9 this mornin' to catch a basketball game with Mr.Leong. Oh man.. I feel bad with just a mention of his name. He's like the best lecturer in this college, the most sporting, Lan Si, witty, sillly, lame, plus all the shyt you can think of but he's still the best of the best, and he's leaving already. Awww~ This is just so so sad. =( Correction: LEFT. And he's bringin' dear Mr.Lee away too. What?!@#$?!! Mr.Lee's our maths lecturer if I've not mention him before. Not just any ordinary maths lecturer, mind. Remember Puan.Chong? Darn* He's the male version of her. He's some kinda Olympic Mathematics Champion too blabla~ You name it, he's it. Awww... I'm in the need of an anti-depressant. Sobsob.

There..the two great person in the center. T.T

Some even said they were leavin' this college for good! If not they're considerin' on changin' to Arts stream now. Aww... Eva! Stevan! Sze Yun! Don't leave! Not after all the bond we've made! We're seriosuly havin' a college dilemma now. With two greatest of the greatest tutor gone and we're still stuck with the prodigious(AhemAhem*) Physics lecturer, seems like we're all dead meat now. x.X This is no joke man.. No JOKE.

Anyway, back to the story. So, I did not wake up early this mornin' for the ball game cause I just know Mr.Leong was just Lan Si-ing his basketball skills and he'll NEVER, NEVER, EVER turn up for a basketball game. That bloke. Hohoho~ He always make me choke. Hohohoho. So it's the last goodbye to dear LeongLeong and Mr.Lee~ Tataa! Class'll never be the same again. Swt*

Whoosh.. I've never blogged such a long post for such a long long time already. Fine fine.
Gotta go now. See ya readers!

p.s. Sis's birthday next week!

p.p.s. Undang test next week!

p.p.p.s. Oh my, next week! Next week! x)

Live, laugh, love,