A little too not over you...

What a bLaSt of a week! WoW! There... I'll do it like the old days...

Monday - Orientation Day 1 at Methodist College. Hell! I was like draggin' myself into college
cause' I just didn't want to start studyin' so soon + I FEEL DEAD. It's like enterin' hell's gate. Cool huh. Had all the briefings on various subjects. Well, we had the chance to change our mind if we want to. I love psychology! I really do. But, my subs are full. Had a treasure hunt too. Blabla~

Tuesday - Orientation Hell Day 2. I just don't feel like it. I've gotta wake up like 6! Cause the gawd damn' college's like 1 hour away with the jams! Ow. Plus there's no one from Seksyen4. Aaaaaaaaaaarghhh~ I really wished I did somethin' else somewhere else! Even Form6! At least I still get to wear the school uniform!

Wednesday - Officially havin' the first class. Hmm.. well. Got closer to a few mates. Things were kinda different. Wondered what the next day would be like. At least it's not so hellish already.

Thursday - Buddy list addin' up day by day. Was really lookin' forward to the next day! I love my life! =D

Friday - Aaaaaaaah~ What can I say? It's a twist and turn. College life is awesome and I want Monday! Heheheheheheheheheheh~

You know what, I guess it's just that I really don't have anyone the first few days and I just felt I don't belong there. My soul was like still in Seksyen4 and suddenly I'm stucked in the middle of 200+ strangers. It's just so wasn't life. Well, I had a break in the middle of the orientation and I was like, now what? So I just wandered around the blocks. Walked to the entrance and I really felt like I just wanna run outta this hell of a place! Huuuuuuurrrhhh... then I met this guy at the entrance, Savin or somethin' was his name. Did the normal intro and questions. Walked to the cafeteria together and met another guy there, Caleb. Apparently he's from Sarawak. Hmm.. well, did the normal again. He's doin' AUSMAT though~ After break we just went back orientation-ING.

Sooooo~ I went back to the hall. Just sat randomly. And poof! The girl beside suddenly just pop and 'Hi! I'm blabla and you are?' Caught me off guard. I was gonna ask her anyway but she didnt have to pop right? Hurh.. Anyway, we talked. Kinda lot. But what's so crappy bout' her's that she just totally ignored me after I told her I'm no christian?!! What the?! Indirectly. In a way. She's so racist in the religion kinda way! Blabla~ Forget bout' it. So there's another bunch of boys from boys' school. lolly~ They're really.. erm. 'Different'. LoLLy. There's also another girl who looks so alike like someone I know. Weird.

Blabla~ Also another guy from boys' school. Met him on the first day and I didn't sit beside him one time during class and he was like 'Allister, why today you so bad one?' Wa... speechless. Made me feel guilty. >.< He's a great guy though. Haha. Things just got better from there. Guess it's just the un-homely feelin' without mates that' was makin' things shitty. I just miss my high school mates. Sobsob*

The LG Crystal!

Hahaha.. one more one more... this Caleb guy, I'll call him the awesome guy with the awesome phone from now onwards. Cause you should've check out his phone! It's the LG Crystal! I didn't know it was out in M'sia already! Too bad I can't meet him all days to toy around his phone. Different classes. Different breaks. Aww..

The school's not bad actually. Well, not so good comparin' to Taylor's or Sunway's. But it's a not bad for me. I can't wait for the basketball court + the gym to be done! But with the packed time table, wonder how I'll manage to have fun with those. Aaaaaah~ I'm enjoyin' college life! Apart from the lectures. At least they're not boring. Just sleepy. zzZzz... Think it's simple though. Easier than Form5 I think. I think. For now la. Heheheh.

I can go on forever! Muahaha~ Oh well, another good news of the week. I've gotta job! Wow. Not just one actually. Two! Choices choices... If only I can do both haha. Oh well, I think I'll just take the guitar one. Meaning, if everythin' goes well then I'm a real time guitar teacher by next week!

Plus plus, I think I'll be takin' the LRT to college next week onwards. It's just too far. LoL. I don't usually use that kinda public transport, so it's gonna be a great time. LoLLy~ Lookin' forward to it. Plus plus plus, guitar performance at the end of the month! Oh my, I'm feelin' nervous now~!
So soon! Plus plus plus plus, I just got the piano scores of 'River Flows In You'. Awesome. I know the song's kinda old already but I've never thought of findin' the notes. And now that I did, I really love it. x)

Wow.. It's only one week and it really feels like it's been weeks already! Wow. With all the stuff goin' on I think I can at least manage her to the side of my mind for the time being and not 99.9% brain capacity mushed about her. I know the more I try to forget it'll just stick stickier on me. Urh. I'll try pushin' aside then.

p.s. People! Update your blogs!