Embrace 2010! =D


First stop, I've brought Harmonica FOR Dummies! Yes. I'm determined

to learn it. Dad says it's not worth it though. RM70+ near 80 for a book.

' Too extensive,'. That's what he said. He thinks it's too advance or somethin' for me.

LoL.. Humph! I'll prove it to him~! Muahahaha~

New Year Resolutions anyone? =P

1. Get an conditional offer of scholarship from a known Uni by the end of next year.
2. Be able to play at least 10 songs on the Harmonica. No LAGS.
3. Finish Grade 5 music theory.
4. Hahahahaha~

Just randoms actually.. xoxoxo

p.s. Can't wait for Monday! It's the Big Day! I'm enterin' college! xD


Note to self :
Just do it!