Don't count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.

Whoa~ Another tiring day! Plus it's not the usual one today. It's the EXTRA no mood kinda one. Have a bad throat. Have a blocked nose. And needless to say I'm just so sooo tired all the way~ I even find it hard to talk! I was like slipping in between sleepin' and lectures during class.. It's just so so soooooo tiring! It's because of the stay-backs! So imagine how glad I was when being told the dance practice was called off! Haha! Okay, I don't mean anythin' evil, I wanna perform, yes, but I just don't like stayin' back~ Oh well, I will preserve yea! =D

I'm totally sunshined now! Even though my eyes' are so burnt out now~ Yes, I'm still Sunshine! No assignments today, well I guess. Heheh. Whatever is it I'm givin' in to procrastination. Yes! It's the Malaysian way babe~ Ooooh lala~

It's friday already tomorrow! Aww.. My friends will be like screamin' their lungs out for Boys Like Girls for they're comin' to KL! And it's a totally free concert! Awww... I think the last concert I remember myself goin' is the purple dinosaur Barney concert. LoLLy~ Well, my another gang of mates would be like havin' fun at Wisma Harapan tomorrow too. Yea, it's weird. I'm actually lookin' forward to tomorrow's Community Service. I don't know~ It must be the 'special' service that we're plannin' to give them that's makin' me like it. Blabla.. Haha.

And, the best part is that I'll be in some kinda hall rehearsin' some kinda song for some kinda awesome performance while everyone's havin' a great time. Imagine that, I'm missing Boys Like Girls free live performance! Nevermind. I'll attend my own concert. x)

Seriously, I gotta start takin' Saturday seriously. Right.. Gotta start pacticin' now. See ya!

p.s. Why is nobody updatin' their blogs? Eh.. people! I've started bloggin' because of you guyz and now nobody wants to connect~! Update! Update people! We need the connection to stay alive! =P

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