Wouldn't it be nice~♪

Oh great~! All my dreams! E-V-A-P-O-R-A-T-E-D! To thin water vapour in the air~

Cause I'm to serve in the freakin' crappy Nasional Service! Why do they even bother

having such a crappy camp in the first place?! I'm trying to make sense of

it and I came down to the only conclusion : THEIR BRAINS ARE FILLED WITH W-A-T-E-R!


There goes my music career! There goes my breakdancin' class! There goes my paintball game!

There goes my driving lessons! There goes my Theory classes! There goes my guitar exam!

There goes my O-level completion! There goes my performance!

And the only way out is to start college the next month? What? Next month!

Well there goes everything I've planned! Great! Life is awesome! It's when you've planned

everything perfectly, something's gotta come into your way. HA!

Never ever live according to plans anymore! It's when you least expects it your

plan changes. Nevermind that, I'll find a way to cut it short. Hmm... I will.

Well somehow... Master plan in the process. Muahahaha.

By the way, I'll be spending christmas in Penang! Haha. Just imagine all the food!

SalivaDripping* =D