1. One more chapter and I'm done with Form5 Sejarah! Yeah!

2. Had chapati breakfast just an hour ago. Correction, chapati served with fresh dhal + chicken curry. And with a hot cup of Milo. Wow, maybe I'll get an indian wife in the future, these are definately the love of my taste buds. What do you say? Chapati~ healthy food. No oil. Eat till you're 100 eh? *Grins*

3. My speaker's bass's so cool and clear. Enjoyin' Jason Mraz's If It Kills Me now. By the way, I'm hooked on Thunder by Boys Like Girls. I simply love Martin Johnson's voice. You'll always be my thunder~♪

4. I'm having one of my mini-break time now, just for 1 hour eh? Just one. For this random post. =)

5. I've found a skin for my blog! It's really unique I tell ya guyz~ But it'll need some editing on the colours as it goes with a black base which I prefer G-R-E-E-N. Well that's after SPM then and I think with Ginn's masterful assistance It'll be done in no time. Heheh.

6. My favourite weather > morning after rain, with a slight drizzle~ It's chilling~ What's yours? x)

7. Biceps and legs plus the usual abdominal workout today as scheduled.

8. SPM tips anyone? Let's do the share-share thingy together shall we? heheh.. Come on, sure you guys've been to a bunch of seminars?

9. Seriously, I can't help but kept thinking bout' what I'll do after SPM! There's just so many things I wanna do and people've been telling me it's impossible for me to do just, everything. No harm in trying though.

10. " Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
do you know you're unlike any other
You'll always be my thunder
I said,
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colours
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder "

Current song : Thunder - Boys Like Girls

Current mood : Motivated

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