I'm seriously,going to start Sejarah tomorrow.

Here I am again, blogging.Bloggin' when no one else is blogging.Yea, no one's bloggin' these days now that the trials are just around the corner.Around the corner? No way,It's next week! Next week! I can't seem to see that myself I think.I just don't have the will to pick up the books and study this year.Really don't know why.Not as hard-workin' as I used to already. @.@ But yes! I want to study, I want to study. I want to study! (At least I still have the spirit yar? Indomitable Spirit.) =)

LoLLy~LuckilyI was lookin' for somethin' in my drawer when I found my so called 'leaving-school-testimonial' form that I was suppose to pass it up last Wednesday or somethin'.That was suppose to be the main reason why I went to school last Wednesday at the first place.And hey~here goes again~I've totally forgotten bout' the Taylor's scholarship thing.Just finish my essay and okay larh~I think it should be okay.Man..I'm really forgettin' things these days.My mind's really clog. x.X But I gotta' admit,doin' things last minute is exciting! hehehh~I love the rush. xD

'Broke in' to the golf course just now again.It's impossible to not do that when I'm just livin' next to it.Of course,not on foot.Today's an exception.Went cycling instead.Love the wind~love the air~It was that kinda 'after rain' weather where it's just chill all around. =D And guess what,I've been called out again.No choice.I can't run~That guy's on a bike. =.= Fifth time already actually,lucky for me it's a different guard again this time.I know myself,and yes~I'll be goin' in again.Rules are meant to be broken. xP

Seriosly..don't feel like talkin' what's on my mind now.

You know what,it may be beauty that captures your heart at first sight but it's what on the inside that really hooks you on to it.*Sigh

It works in both ways.The hurtin' thing.

p.s. Cherish,I can't seem to find the nice sentence you gave me already~sorry yar.But there, ' THANKS ' . That's good enough right? =)

p.p.s. And I almost forgot..HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEO YIN !