Enjoyin' Holiday Life Day 1. [ *Hot Smile ]

Pimples poppin' and poppin',and popping and popping.Popping and still popping.Hmm..I love the beat* PopPopPopPopPopPop~ (=.=) I'm so entertained! (=.=) Blabla..

Currently hooked on Facebook.Yea,such a hot networkin' thing.Blogging'll be soon outta my schedule.heheh.I just love the quiz ss ..and stuff ss.Friends For Sale! Greatest app of all time! That's what things are all about in facebook! Haa~!

---> I'll be havin' my first meetin' with this skin specialist this week.I've really been waitin' for a long time for this.LoLx.Holiday's the time to work things out right.Uhuh~My face is getting redder n' redder each single day.I can actually solve the pimples prob,lolly~ But it's the red thing that's scarin' me.People'll go ''ooooh~he's blushing! He's goin' red~Ooooh~'' zzzZZzz...Speechless. And of course I'll go red then. (=.=) What a life.

---> Found Tom Welling's post yesterday in Facebook and guess what,SMALLVILLE SEASON 9 is comin' out! Oooosh..my all-time favourite show.Been followin' it since Form1.LoLLy. Brings back childhood memories~ xD

---> I'm so full of love now~Gotta listen to the 101 love songs my sissy has everytime in the car.Forced to. x.X

Plusplus,to my mates who'r drivin',careful la when on the road,don't get your head smashed.It's really rainin' these days.Wetty road.Plusplusplus,to my mates who'r err..kinda sick,take care,don't study too much,enjoy urselves on facebook. =)

++,I'm revisiting Africa~! My holiday trip these hols~

Lookin' forward to Holiday Life Day 2 and onwards..LoLz.