Sometimes I just feel like,everythin's right.So so right. =)

Electricity cut-off again. =.='' BK6 is really havin' a problem with this.It was really,really hot yer know..when I came back from joggin' just now,and that there's no fan or nothin' to chill.Can't even bathe,no heater* Anyway,it's not good to shower after sweatin' that much. =)

Really excited now,dad n' mum's now out to get our new car! Well umm..just a MyVi~Not too bad right.We were actually gonna' get an Exora,but..some people just love scammin'.But lookin' on the bright side,no more transport problems. I love the player.It has a USB slot~! Playin' songs from a pendrive would be cool.

Thx BeiBei for the ride.Yer mum too.Aviel's gonna be hot if he knew.Readin' this? Yea,I went home with MEAN BEI~ TOGETHER~ hehehhehh xP

Humph..everyone's studyin' now.I gotta' start myself too.Seriously.Now that matters are cooled off,I think I can focus better this time.

Updated player.-I just gotta feeling-BlackEyedPeas.I love them.Somehow,this song suits my mood now. =P

p.s.At least I'm doin' somethin' now.Waitin' is somethin' rite.And waitin' always gives somethin' at the end.But is it a decision of your heart?Or is it just an excuse to pest me off for the time bein'~? Just jokin'. xD