I was updatin' our big family-tic collection of pictures when I just realized,sad to say,how much time has passed~ Haihz,,well,not 'was',I'm still doin' it now.There's just too much pictures. Much* I'm feelin' like a..hmm..the perfect word ta say it would be hmmm..'Nostalgic'. Maybe. xD

I'm such a kiddo.lolx.Never thought I was that young when doin' those stuff.lolly. Sissy's kindergarden graduation.LoL! Beijing! 1st day Form 1 ! Awww..

LollY! Found this 3 videos.Fragmented.For my dear Kin and JM~Only you guyz know what this means.That is if you still remember? lolx!

I love bein' peacemaker.xD

"Good ol' form2 days when we were a big,happy,family.Hmm..everyone has their own life now.Not what I said har~lolzz.But somehow we're still connected.Not through maple,but somethin' else.Right?Big people stuff.All grown up.lolly.Really,big.people stuff."

p.s.Just took some time off bloggin'.Back to work.Copy here copy there...file here file there.More like,back to the past. xD