A tribute to Michael J.J.

The Thriller,the Moonwalker,the ' White socks Black shoes ' ,the King of Poppy.That's him, Michael J.Jackson.He rocks. He rules.

I'm not much of a MJ fan but after watchin' his moves I was like WhO0AllA! This guy defies gravity! The greatest dancer alive! Now dead* DubDubDubDub..See his legs babe~SweettiePie*

Just one thing about him.I've noticed that he has a habit of..touchin' his underparts~?! Sick. =.='' Whatever,it's still a waste for someone so talented to go down.

A sad song for a sad Endin'.. '' You Are Not Alone '' by the great MJ himself.

>One of my fav.xD Best ever performance!
>Kinda' slow but it's moonwalkin'~! Robo style~!

p.s.A must watch! Don't tell me you don't feel like dancin' after watchin'! The way he dance,he's just not human!